Rufus Teague

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Forget the napkins because these wings are so delicious you're gonna want to dive in and swim around for a while. And a napkin is just not gonna be enough to clean you up. Dinner time = shower time. Enjoy!



  1. Heat oil in a large pot & allow it to reach 375 degrees. Use a thermometer to guarantee even cooking.
  2. Mix flour with salt and Rufus Teague Meat Rub.
  3. Dredge your wings with flour mixture.
  4. Lightly drop wings into oil and cook for about 15 minutes, or until wings looks nicely browned and crisped. Doing this in batches is recommended so the oil can retain even heat.
  5. While wings are cooking, start to combine the brown sugar, maple syrup, black pepper and Rufus Teague Maple Whiskey BBQ sauce in a medium size pan.
  6. Allow the mixture to reduce significantly, until it has a sticky, but not dry consistency. If reducing too quickly, add some water to thin out.
  7. Add the wings into the reduced BBQ sauce/ brown sugar mixture until fully coated.
  8. Top with black sesame and some chive. Enjoy with blue cheese, ranch, or even more BBQ sauce!